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ground station

  1. C

    *SOLD* Command Case Ground Station $390.00 *SOLD*

    Like new TITAN DRONES Command case. Used less than 6 times. Does not include iPad. I prefer to not be tethered to the antenna and use the smaller self contained Conquer and SWITCH setups. shipping to USA only. ask/message me with any questions etc 14 dBi quad patch linear vertical polarized...
  2. We Talk UAV

    DJI Ground Station Pro- A New Review for an Old Friend.

    Having seen the reputation of the Inspire grow, I was fascinated by this little baby. The original Ground Station was designed for iPad and PC to fly the Phantom 2. It went out of production as people started buying the Phantom 2 Vision Plus and getting a version of it in the Vision App...
  3. FPV Camera

    Mission Planner (FPV Camera – iOS Waypoints App) Beta Testing

    We have been conducting a private beta testing of Mission Planner in the past 3 weeks. We are about to start a small scale (round one) public beta testing, targeting 50 beta testers on iPad. If you are interested to join, please sign up at Beta Registration Form. We expect beta testers willing...