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  1. B

    DJI Matrice 100 with Guidance, X3 Camera and Manifold Computer

    I have for sale a DJI Matrice 100 equipped with the DJI Guidance System, X3 4K camera/gimbal and Manifold Computer. This drone is in excellent condition and I'm selling it because I'm upgrading to to a larger drone with the newer Z3 zoom camera. This drone is DJI's developer platform. The...
  2. A

    Obstacle Avoidance?

    Does anyone know if obstacle avoidance can be turned off on Inspire 2? Or even better can you input how close you want to let Inspire 2 get to an object?
  3. D

    what are the speed restrictions for operating guidance ?

    Hi just wondering what conditions guidance will work under in terms of flight speed. Is it restricted to work only at less than a certain speed? Thanks in advance Dave
  4. D

    object avoidance is disabled n RTH mode, is this correct?

    hi In the Matrice 100 firmware notes, it makes comment that guidance / object avoidance is disabled n RTH mode, is this correct? We are thinking of getting a matrice 100 with guidance, but this seems strange that this is disabled in RTH mode? as this is a likely time when you want it on...
  5. J

    Matrice 100 Guidance Performance

    Guys, I was just about to go ahead and put in a purchase order for the Matrice 100 Guidance. I'm trying to do some indoor imaging where I'd prefer to have the stereoscopic/ultrasonic sensors around so I don't hit a wall or anything. Has anyone purchased Guidance yet? What's been your experience...