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  1. PapaChop83

    Aloha from Oahu!

    Hello everyone! New member here. I recently sold my Phantom 4 to upgrade to an Inspire 1 X5R. My wife and I run a photography business, and we're wanting to add drone photography to the offerings/portfolio. The dynamic range and image quality on the P4 just wouldn't keep up with the Nikon DSLR...
  2. W

    Hawaii - which island to go droning?

    Hey everyone, I'm taking a trip to Hawaii, arriving on May 12th and leaving on the 19th, with a team to do some aerial videography with the Inspire. Coming from Canada, so account for travel time at either end. I've been doing a bunch of reading around, and in comparing the islands and their...
  3. beatnik

    Epic Hawaii Scenes with Inspire 1

    Filmed in April and May 2017 with normal settings and tiffen pola and ND filters. PIC John Biffar
  4. druiser

    Maui From Above / Inspire 1