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  1. Phil Case

    The Control of DJI Inspire using SmartGlasses

    Hi to all As you may have read in my ' EMS Drone ' there is use of ' Mind, Voice, Gesture and SmartGlasses '! I have successfully connected DJI Drones with AR SmartGlasses that give both Augmented Reality and Control with the DJI Go App and other Non DJI Apps available for Android. Please don't...
  2. F

    DJI Inspire 1 Raw + Fatshark Dominator HD2 Headtracking

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and the drones. I'm interessted into the Inspire 1 and Fatshark Dominator HD2 and the Headtracker. I was told that it's not possible to use the Headtracker Module with the Inspire 1s gimbal. But online I see videos of ppl using the gimbal with some goggles with...
  3. M

    Inspire 1 with Fatshark Dominator v3 Head Tracking

    Hello Forum I'am new hear. is this possible to head tracking the zenmuse x3 camera with fathshark dominator v3 and head tracking modul? thanks a lot. malust