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  1. David Lerrick

    Hello from South Germany

    Hello everyone, Glad to become a part of the community and hope to get to know people from all over the place. Since early 2017 i fly an Inspire 2 for film production purposes and am all in all very happy with the system. Have a nice day and happy flying! Dave
  2. W

    Hello from Wyoming!

    I joined the forum months ago but haven't looked at it or used it until now. Hopefully I'll make up for lost time! BTW, has anybody noticed problems with the video feed to the tablet in the new F/W update ( My feed went from great to terrible in one quick step.
  3. nandoarr

    Hi, from Brazil!

    Hi there! I am a UAV pilot, mostly inspire 1 and 2...phantom 4 pro. Hope everyone is alright and hope this forum can help everyone out with their problems. Thanks for the attention. Cya!
  4. SpyderToph

    New member saying, hello.

    Hello everyone, I just signed up and wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Topher and I'm a photographer based out of Austin, TX. I just invested in an Inspire with the X5R camera. I'm very much looking forward to learning the new platform and expanding my business. I hope it...