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  1. droneondemand

    HELP with error message

    So the last 2 weeks Ive been seeing this error message on my screen upon takeoff. Now, Im logged in with DJIGO4. (I even tried logging out and back in to see if it was a cache issue). But the message is still there. The strange part is....flight IS NOT affected by it. Anyone seeing/getting this...
  2. 3

    Inspire 1 max distance and max altitude acting weird

    Our Inspire 1 has been acting weird lately. The first time was about a week ago, we did our usual preflight check everything was fine, we started the inspire and checked that everything was a go and everything read fine. However when we took off we were only able to climb about 80ft high before...
  3. ASAPdrones

    Best Still photo settings for X5S?

    I hoping you can help me figure out what the best settings for some still photography with my x5s with the standard lens. Tomorrow I am going to try to take some high resolution shots of my friends white sports car holding the I2. I live in Arizona so there is a 100% chance of it being very...
  4. M

    New to inspire some problems

    Hello all, Firstly I'm new to flying the dji inspire one and so far I haven't been able to take off for two reasons Firstly It is asking for an update so following the online guide I put the bin file onto an sd card and put it into the gimble, the gimble goes limp ( see second problem for...
  5. 3

    Updated now slave remote issues

    Hi I am new to joining this forum but i have often end up on this forum when doing searches for inspire issues over the last few years . My Inspire 1 Raw came yesterday. YES!!! We set it up checked everything out etc. Turned it on everything worked including the slave remote. Double YES!! Since...