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hero 4

  1. A

    Not sure to buy a Hero 4 Black or Osmo..

    Worrying about the durability of Osmo's first version.. and it's not appropriate for some occasions like x-sport, how may I take out an extra hand to hold it..and seems accessories can only fit some of the occasions..but I'm bit scared to take it with bikes while riding in terrible places...
  2. AlexanderAF

    [21 Min] The Journey To Gold Rose Mine

    I followed my dad and uncle out to my Grandpa's old gold mine from 60 years ago. My dad and uncle were 6 and 8 years old at the time and lived, and worked, on the mine with their dad in 1956. This was filmed with a Panasonic G7, a Hero 4, and the Inspire 1. To cut to the Inspire 1 segments...