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  1. I

    How to Unlock DJI NFZ

    Quick one on Unlocking DJI NFZ, when you've got no signal/wifi. What a ball ache, Surely if you have a PFAW, which you renew annually, insurance etc you should need only do the unlock once. Every 3 days?! Feel I'm at school again. My driving licence is valid till I'm 70, shotgun licence is every...
  2. S

    How to update to X5 cam correctly?

    Hi, I have flown my I1 since february with X3 without issues. I am on the latest I1 (non-pro) fw v. Now I bought the X5 and have a question about how to proper update it . I will continue to use both X3 and X5 cams on the I1 (non-pro). Which fw should I install now? I have seen so...
  3. dronie

    How to mount the X5 to Inspire 1 - Video

    DJI launched this instruction video of how to mount the X5 to the Inspire 1. Looks like it will take a few more steps to mount the camera before every flight: