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  1. Dejan Smaic

    Sunrise Stills - Colorado Drill Rig

    Just a few stills of drilling along the front range of Colorado. November 19, 2017 near Johnstown, Colorado. I2.
  2. J

    DJI Wind 1 Prototype

    We have a couple of Wind-1 Prototypes with low flight hours. These are custom built systems from DJI designed for industrial use, being weather proof, with a high wind tolerance (30mph). They fly with two M100-type TB47D or TB48D batteries. Flight controller is N3 with Lightbridge 2. They come...
  3. b2photollc

    Matrice 600 vs Inspire 1 Pro/Raw Industrial Use

    I recently got asked about doing inspections of light posts near highway interchanges for an engineering company. They want to start using drones instead of cherry pickers to do inspections. Currently I have a P3 but looking to upgrade as this is a fairly large contract and has potential for...