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  1. SkyHigh 1

    Non Cell Communications

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a personal communication device that didn't require a push to talk like a walkie talkie and was not tied to cell service? I work in wind turbine inspections and I would like a way to communicate with my sensor observer without screaming across a...
  2. D

    Cell Tower Inspection

    Hello, Is there anyone here that has done a cell tower inspection? I'm using the Inspire Pro with 45mm lens. 1) Will the drone get any signal interference from the tower (I hear yes and no)? 2) Whats the safest way to conduct a cell tower inspection with a drone? 3) What precaution should I...
  3. D

    FPV on Inspire

    Hi Everyone, I've seen some people add an FPV camera to there inspire for commercial work with an additional FPV screen along with ipad. What is the point in doing this? Isn't the video feed of the ipad good enough?? Thanks.
  4. D

    Roof Inspection

    Hi Everyone, To you commercial users, please see attached a picture of a roof (outlined) that I will be doing an inspection on. Can you please give your opinion on how you would tackle this job? The client wants video and is looking for rust and damage. If you know of a better way beside...
  5. R

    Inspections, mapping - 9mm or 13mm lens?

    Hi guys, Im going to buy XT 640 Radiometric 30 HZ. The main purpose will be inspections for PV panels, powerlines etc. (can´t wait to try it with the new M200 btw). Normally I would probably go with 13 mm lens as kind of "do it all". But as I learned that mapping is sort of tricky with XT due...
  6. R

    Inspire Video in Esri ArcMap

    A lot of our customers come to us asking - How do I get DJI Video into Esri ArcMap GIS software? Hopefully this blog post will help some others out: Remote Geo Blog : How to Put Drone Videos into Esri ArcMap Using the Remote Geo LineVision Add-In
  7. Stinkys

    Cell tower & high voltage line inspections

    Hi pilots o/ First day on the forums and already have questions :) I was just wondering if anyone on here has (preferably first hand) experience with inspecting cell towers and high voltage lines. Do you get interference from either? Transmitter, video or both loss? Do you fly in GPS or ATTI...