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inspire 1 deal

  1. Paul Jacques

    UK Zenmuse Z3

    just thought I would alert anyone who was looking for a Z3 that Wex Photo Video are currently selling them for £699 - cheaper than most UK sellers.
  2. I


    Hello everyone, I tend to read a lot on this forum but this is my first post. I am selling my Inspire one with a lot of extras. Everything you see on the pictures is included (drone related lol) I will look at offers, I only ship to the USA, I only accept paypal or cash (local pickup in...
  3. T

    Buying an used Inspire 1 V1

    Hi, I've been flying smaller drones for about a year now and I'd love to move up a little bit and buy a DJI drone. I wanted to buy the P3P or P4 because it's cheaper, but then my friend told me that his father owns the I1 V1 and wants to upgrade to the I2. He says that they bought it when it was...