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inspire 2 accessories

  1. jmaganaski

    Anyone know where I can get a proper FPV camera installed for my I2?

    I’ve seen threads with this discussed before, was hoping to get some updated responses. The fpv camera on the inspire 2 is horrible as everyone knows. Would love to upgrade it if possible, but I don’t have the skills to do it myself. Is there anyone out there that can or has done this before...
  2. lukeraffertyvisuals

    SOLD: Inspire 2 Controller for Sale (New)

    UPDATED Dec 1 Hello! I was able to sell all of my other Inspire 2 accessories; and just have this left. I’m based in Philadelphia and will ship the controller for free anywhere in the USA vi FedEx. Price in USD. DJI INSPIRE 2 Remote Controller — $375 Was only ever used for (1) flight ever...
  3. C

    DJI INSPIRE 2 Premium Combo with Extra Accessories

    My husband passed away 4 months after purchasing the Inspire 2 Premium Combo and I am only just now emotionally able to deal with his personal items. If you have questions regarding this I can answer you to the best of my ability. my husband was in the film business, I am not. The Inspire 2 has...
  4. T

    For Sale: DJI CINESSD 480G

    480G SSD for Inspire 2. It has never been plugged in and is still in original packaging minus the plastic wrap. I'm asking $750 USD. I will ship this for free after funds have been confirmed in my bank. Shipping from USA. Serious inquires only please. When using a 240GB or 480GB CINESSD, the...
  5. D

    Any experience with dual band boosters and dual band antennas on I2?

    I am looking for potential mod of I2 stock controller or Candence controller, to gain stronger emission and reception, in order to have reliable control and video signal in urban areas and when flying over water... So, while studying all info which I could gather, I got a bit confused on I2...
  6. Zach Zach


    Hi all! I posted this in my welcome message as well as I'm a new member for those who read that already. I always try to give more than I take. Thus, I apologize in advance for coming right out of the gate with an urgent "ask" of everyone. Once the dust settles, I will begin contributing a...
  7. cvanhoose

    Inspire 2 case

    I have a factory Inspire case I no longer have a use for if anyone is interested. The case is in perfect condition. It was never used. Please make me a reasonable offer. I am located in SW Florida. 33326
  8. A

    DJI Inspire 2 Controller **Brand New and unwrapped**

    Hi, I'm selling my additional DJI Inspire 2 controller. Never opened, unwrapped and still sealed with protective cellophane over controller. Free courier delivery anywhere in the U.K. European discounted delivery. No other country sales I'm afraid. Also selling my: DJI Osmo Mobile and carry...