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inspire 2 repair

  1. SkyHigh 1

    Crashed Inspire 2

    Hi All, I recently crashed my Inspire 2 due to pilot error, I am still having nightmares, haha. I am not much of a tech repair person so I am hoping for some advice on what I need to look at prior to trying to repair the bird. At initial glance it appears that I need to replace both arms...
  2. Advexure

    Inspire 2 Maintenance Manual (DJI Official Release)

    Today DJI has released an official Inspire 2 Maintenance Manual which can be found here: https://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/inspire_2/20180223/Inspire_2_Maintenance_Manual.pdf Release History V1.0 released February 2018 For the latest version of the Maintenance Manual please download from here...