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  1. K

    Hey! Working with M100

    Hi guys! I have a summer job at a small software company in Sudbury, Ontario.. I have to use the M100 to scan mines in town. I've never worked with drones/quads before! So I'm starting from scratch. I am in computer science though so at least I know how to code! :P Thanks for all the...
  2. Mantis

    Hi from Russia!

    Hello everyone! I registered here some time ago, but before today was only "reader". I'm fan of photo and Inspire 1 (X5) for me is another way to take a look at the world (not just through camera lens). Inspirepilots is a nice place, I've got a lot useful information here.
  3. Alton Vance

    Hello from Norco CA, USA

    I have flown collective pitch helicopters for the last eight years. I enjoy it as a hobby. I have also enjoyed photography as a hobby for a big part of my life. The photograpy part of my life goes back a long ways, all the way back to the Kodak Brownie cameras. I was building my own self built...
  4. J

    Greetings from south-central Georgia

    All- Can't come up with enough words to describe my delight in running across this forum. Last night, after beating my head on a brick wall for days over fuzzy X5 footage, I started searching for the issue, and shortly ran across this forum. What a sigh of relief to find so many solutions, as...