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ipad mini 2

  1. YeeaaBoii

    2 - iPad Mini 2s in Black + Anti Glare Protectors: $400 for both USA

    I have 2 iPad Mini 2s with the retina displays for sale. They have 16GB of storage and are WiFi only. These iPads were strictly used for flying dual operator on the Inspire 1 only. The only app installed on them was the DJI Go app. The iPad Mini 2s are black and have the Sporty's antiglare...
  2. AeroMirage

    DJI--- Ship those Crystal Skys

    Flew the new Inspire 2 for the first time tonight. Kept getting warning that mobile device CPU fully loaded.... Been waiting on a Crystal Sky for over a month and VERY ready for it now!! Ipad Mini 2 is Obviously now obsolete.