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ipad pro

  1. W

    iPad Pro WiFi or Cellular with Inspire 2

    I was planning on purchasing an iPad Pro 10.5" for use with my Inspire 2 for commercial purposes. My question is, should I purchase the cellular version or the WiFi version and tether to my iPhone X? Also storage wise, 64GB/256GB? TIA, Will
  2. Stacy Cobb

    iPad Pro 12.9" Why Not?

    Hi Everyone, If you haven't thought about using the iPad Pro 12.9" you should. At AerialDroneAccessories.com we developed a great shade just for it. It's a professional sunshade, that uses our IndustrialROTOR Mount that locks it in. It's RIGID, COLLAPSABLE, and square all the time. It's not...
  3. AlexanderAF

    iPad Pro available Nov 11 - now...any mounts for us yet?

    I know it'll probably look like a beast attached to one of the Inspire's remotes, but if there's one available I'd buy it.