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  1. Drones4Hire

    A Drone Pilots Perspective

    We just launched part of our drone pilot job board on 9/1 ( www.drones4hire.com ). We want to expand on this platform with the drone pilot in mind. What business resource tools, services, or features would assist you in your drone business? Would you like to be able to keep records and jobs...
  2. B

    Looking to hire Syracuse area FAA certified Inspire pilots

    Headed to Rome & Ithaca New York next week to film two paid jobs (August 27-28 in Rome, August 30-31 in Ithaca) and we're looking to hire either an Inspire pilot comfortable and skilled at operating the X5 while flying or a two man team, one operating the Inspire, the other controlling the...
  3. Armin Monajemi

    If you own an Inspire 1, we have jobs for you!!!

  4. G

    DroneView Tech - Looking for experienced pilots in Arizona

    DroneView Technologies does inspection based service work for enterprise clients throughout the nation. We're currently looking for a pilots with experience in Arizona. DroneView does the sales work and logistics so that a pilot can focus on what they're best at.. flying. We ask for a typed...