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  1. Dr. Ifly Drones

    New FAA UAV Regulations (Let the screaming begin!)

    News out today that actual airframes must be registered in the USA regardless of hobby or commercial intent: Getting a Drone for the Holidays? You'll Have to Register It With the FAA I've read what I can find but, it doesn't seem to discriminate between those airframes already in service or...
  2. Mimis Simos

    Greece drone rules - DAGR

    Hello all, this is an information post regarding drone rules in Greece. The only official source regarding drone flying in Greece is Hellenic CAA's Drone Aware - GR (also called DAGR, website: dagr.hcaa.gr). From the application intro: Drone Aware - GR (DAGR) is a real-time UAS (drone)...
  3. U

    Flouting the law?

    Being a member of this forum has been an honour and I see the vast majority of members are flying inside the various regulations laid down by authorities around the world. However I'm also a member of the 'MavicPilots' group and it seems the opposite there. I'd like to ignore these people and...
  4. I

    Guess they are certified then???

    Safe then! Post on Facebook today Good to know CAA don't have to look far, but will they