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  1. R

    Does anyone have experience flying commercially in the Bahamas?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum, but super pumped to join the conversation! Wondering if anyone has experience flying commercially in the Bahamas. I'm a Canadian citizen, living in Canada, and I have a client who's interested in hiring my team to film in the Bahamas. I have about 3 years...
  2. JROK

    DAC is Operating Behind Closed Doors

    This isn't cool. Please write your Congress Person. No more Private Public Rule-making - Why Should Congress Wait for Drone Advisory Committee Secrets? - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  3. U

    EASA about to fu** things up... WARNING!!

    People please view and respond accordingly before we all get royally fu&*ed!! :mad::mad::mad::(
  4. A

    Internatiol Fine Art Photography Project

    I am planning to make a fine art photo shooting trip to USA and other Countries to create my projects internationaly. Aydinbuyuktas - 照片 | Facebook To create international project i had some questions in my mind: I regestered my drone (Inspire) and not planning to pass over 400 feet. Do i need...