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lens disconnected

  1. W

    Increasingly frequent "Lens disconnected" error - DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5S

    Hi All, Anyone see this problem (and, even better, fix it)? Occasionally (although more and more frequently!) I lose control of the camera controls (exposure settings, focus mode and control, etc.) due to a "Lens disconnected" error. Sometimes it recovers on its own and sometimes I have to...
  2. D

    Using X5S and X7 in the same aircraft

    Good night all. I'm having issues using the X5s and the X7 on the Inspire 2. I always keep the AC + RC's on the latest official firmware version. Today i was using the x5s with the 14-42mm lens and a message popped on screen "Lens Disconnected", rebooted the aircraft and i was able to continue...