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    X5S Low Light Performance

    Hello everyone, I own a Inspire 2 with an X5S, without licenses for now, I am doing Cinematography but lacking of time, I got not much educated on the X5S Camera Settings and I need your help, Few days ago, I got my first night flight got some decent ISO I believe but don't really know if the...
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    DJI Inspire 1 V2 (Lights stay witched on when Recording)

    Hi Friends, A quick question I notice of recent the front lights say on all the time event when recording or not. Prior to this the lights went out once you started filming. It's not a bother but just wondering have I switched something unknown to me that keeps them shinging. Any thought would...
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    Over 10,000 lights across the night sky - All shot RAW

    Wanted to really test the dynamic range capabilities and potential of low-light footage when shooting Raw with the X5R. Shot with the Inspire 1 Raw and Osmo Raw. Watch in 4K and enjoy!