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  1. dreweydrew

    Stream live using the DJI app to 'VerHub'. Amazing

    Hi 'ADO IT' have just released the IOS streemin app and the streemin website. Both allow streaming to, and viewing of, LIVE streams to VerHub, our database of LIVE streams. We have added an amazing facility to stream live from your DJI drone direct to VerHub. Free and really easy to set up...
  2. Vitals Monitoring

    Vitals Monitoring

    Here is the Vitals Monitoring system that will be on the ' EMS Drone ' . Already working and capable of transmitting in real time! Can be dropped with patient and monitored via Android SmartGlasses by operator
  3. P

    Multiangle live concert shot with DJI Osmo's

    Please find enclosed a multiangle concert clip filmed mainly with 2 DJI Osmo’s on small tripods, located on the stage. The Osmos were connected to 2 Wireless Dualband Repeaters, enabling me to remote-control the cameras on stage even in large venues while being physically located at the main...