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maiden flight

  1. AeroMirage

    Loss of Virginity

    Maiden flight a huge success!!! She's a beast!! 57.5 MPH and that was in a short distance, not pushing her. The Inspire 2 is power! The sound it makes flying overhead at 57.5 mph is incredible. Flew 20 minutes toting am X5S and not babying it. Didn't shoot many pictures as I am just getting a...
  2. R

    Newland - Inspire 1 and filmmaking - Maiden Flight and Cut - Germany

    Hi Copterfriends, just got my new Inspire a couple days ago, btw. my 1st copter. After getting an insurance (required in Germany) real quick i went outside to shoot my 1st videos. Also had to get into video editing, never used FinalCut before, but flying is so much fun also found interest in...