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  1. dronie

    Meta data on video files is dated in 1951

    Just unpacked my I2/X5S. The meta data on all video files (H.264 as I don't have the SSD yet), dates them with 1951. Photos are dated correctly. How can that be fixed?
  2. John

    Altitude Data is Wrong

    I've recently learned that my Inspire 1 (converted to a Pro) is recording the wrong altitude in each image's metadata. The controller, aircraft, camera, and DJI Go App all have the most current F/W version (v1.10.1.40 & v3.1.1.). Altitude @ ground level should be 145.992m (479' according to...
  3. M

    Does the Inspire record gimbal metadata?

    I am trying to do some position calculations based off images collected by my inspire and they require the angle the camera was tilted at and the direction it was facing at the time the photo was taken. I would have thought that considering the fact that the gimbal is stabilized, that this...