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micro sd

  1. C

    Micro SD Error, Formatting Problem - Inspire 1 Pro; X5

    Hello. I've searched for this and haven't found a thread with this exact issue so hopefully this isn't a duplicate. I have had this happen several times but inconsistently. I will boot up the Inspire and either get a "No Image Transmission" error (I can see all other data and fly the drone...
  2. L

    Card problems on X5

    Has anyone had any problems with the micro SD card slot on their X5? Mine has worked fine with a 64GB card and the original 16GB, which I only use for firmware upgrades. When I bought two new Sandisk Extreme Pro cards I got "No SD card" messages. To cut a very long story short, now the slot...
  3. Quarts

    Micro SD doesn't lock into place

    Hi, Yesterday i took out the Micro SD card to download the latest footage to my computer. When putting the memory card back into the camera (X5) it wouldn't lock into place but kept getting ejected. I can hear the clicking sound from the locking mechanism but it doesn't lock even if I use...