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  1. niki

    Modding Inspire for Speed?

    Hi all, I am curious did somebody have his Inspire 1 modded by the guys from flyflydrones or by himself? Please note that I'm not asking how to do the MOD but feedback from people that have done it! I'm mainly interested to make the inspire a bit faster so I'm looking for some feedback from...
  2. T

    New MOD: Turn your Phantom into Mavic

    New DJI Phantom / Mavic Hybrid Drone? - WeTalkUAV
  3. I

    New Modified Inspire X3 camera / interchangeable lens

    NOW SOLD At great expense I bought an X3 camera / gimbal that has been modified by Ragecams. It has the original lens removed and the m12 thread mount inside has been fitted so that you can fit a lot of different lenses, namely the 5.4mm lens that has zero distortion or fisheye at any angle and...