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  1. J

    Motor/ Batter Temp for Matrice 100

    Looking into working in volatile environments with a developer style drone and was wondering if anyone knew of the max temp ranges for the batteries and motors for the Matrice 100. I understand the that the drone is not Explosion Proof nor Intrinsically Safe but depending on the operating...
  2. 5280aerials

    Inspire 1 - aircraft with 3510h motors, shell still available

    Parting out an Inspire 1 that's been upgraded with the 3510 h motors. Inspire 1 shell with 3510h motors, Zenmuse 5 mounting plate with vibration pad -excellent condition - $650 Inspire 1 remote controller - excellent condition - $ 275 Power adapter/charger - $35 Original Inspire...
  3. T

    Inspire 1 motor locked, How to unlock?

    Apologies, the inspire 1 crashed and the the liquid in the legs flowed out in 3 of the 4 legs. So i bought new ones and changed them, still using the old motors. 2 of the motors are locked. When I connect the DJI Go App, it says I should unlock them. How do I unlock the motors?
  4. K3vin

    I need 3510H motors

    anybody want sell me 2 3510h motors from inspire v2.0..
  5. K

    Inspire 1 Motor Noise - Replace?

    Hi, I've been flying my Inspire about 18 months and just recently had my first rough landing where the quad sort of tipped off the landing board I had set in a field and tipped over causing two motors to be forced to a stop before I could power down. It was a really gentle "crash" compared to...