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  1. P

    Aftermarket Base to Mount a Strobe on Inspire 2

    I am looking for base for the Inspire 2 similar to this one made for a Mavic 2. I would like the 1/4 x 20 screw mount, but am open to other ideas to mount a strobe on an I2. I'd like to fly legally during civil twilight and I would also use it in daytime to better locate the drone at a...
  2. Z

    Inspire 2 - New Mount and 360 Camera

    I made a new mount and this time the attachment piece swivels into place and is attached with a second screw. The 1/4-20 tripod adapter came and I can finally mount my Gear 360 camera! Of course its dark now, b but hoping to post footage tomorrow sometime. I'm also thinking I will need an...
  3. Z

    DJI Inspire 2 Semi-Permanent Mount Plate

    I've made a few of these already and decided to offer them up to others who may be interested. It's a custom designed 3D printed mount plate that attaches under the Inspire 2 (haven't tried it on a Inspire 1 yet, would be willing to send one to someone who has an Inspire 1 to give me...
  4. L

    For Sale: Mounting Kit for Carbon Fiber Propellers. Fits Inspire 1 or 2, Matrice

    Advert removed by moderator pending approved vendor status
  5. B

    Shredded one of the prop mounts...

    I have an Inspire 1 v2 and I shredded one of the prop mounts and need a replacement part. Not sure where I can get one...
  6. J

    Crashed Copter - Urgent help required

    Hi all, I recently had a crash with my copter and am seeking urgent help. It went down via a falling branch in the rain forest and resulted in the gimbal snapping clean off right at end of what was probably my best shot of the project and also the last of the day. Attached are photos off the...
  7. AlexanderAF

    iPad Pro available Nov 11 - now...any mounts for us yet?

    I know it'll probably look like a beast attached to one of the Inspire's remotes, but if there's one available I'd buy it.