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no fly zones

  1. Simon Mallin

    Hidden warning zones (UK)

    I've searched for any posts on this issue but can't find anything. I have my Inspire1 Pro at the latest firmware (v01.11.01.50) and GO versions (3.1.14) and doing a job in East Sussex on Thursday I got the following message when powering up with GEO System setting on: 'The aircraft is in a...
  2. Chris Gooderham

    Adding obstacles to DJI Go App map, so PiC can see any surveyed hazards, and manualy add them?

    I haven't tried to use a work around to achieve this task: I would like to be able to add points and/or lines and/or areas that our craft will automatically avoid, WITH the ability to include altitude limits, ie to avoid a flag pole, or street cable wires, ( I excluded power lines cause you...
  3. Mike Hulme

    UK Does the DJI App allow flight within R157

    I have been given authority to fly within the London Restricted area (R157 - Hyde Park area) by NATS and also submitted, at their request, the necessary NOTAM. My requirements were very specific re height, time, LAT / LONG etc. and naturally had to provide evidence of PfAW (or is it now PfCO...