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  1. M

    Used Inspire 2 - What to check before flying

    Hello, I've bought an Inspire 2 with X5s and should arrive on the weekend/ beginning of next week, I had 2 phantoms and currently have a mavic mini, this is my first experience with the inspire, I'll like to know from you that have a lot of expertise about these drones what should I check...
  2. K

    Hey! Working with M100

    Hi guys! I have a summer job at a small software company in Sudbury, Ontario.. I have to use the M100 to scan mines in town. I've never worked with drones/quads before! So I'm starting from scratch. I am in computer science though so at least I know how to code! :P Thanks for all the...
  3. SpyderToph

    New member saying, hello.

    Hello everyone, I just signed up and wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Topher and I'm a photographer based out of Austin, TX. I just invested in an Inspire with the X5R camera. I'm very much looking forward to learning the new platform and expanding my business. I hope it...