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north carolina

  1. PortCanaveralFlorida

    AirBnB - In North Carolina

    Went to a little place in N.C. (US) put a small vid together to help others if their looking to into visiting this little place. Enjoy.
  2. Ascender

    Pilot needed at Camp Lejeune

    Hello, My brother in law is seeking a drone pilot to film some bridge work at Camp Lejeune. It's a bit too far for my availability. Please contact me if you're up for the gig.
  3. G

    Figuring out if a site is "flyable"

    Our company has received an exemption from the FAA and we are getting ready to do a demonstration project in North Carolina. As I was preparing the Flight Plan, I realized that the first thing I should have done was ensure that the site where we are going to fly has reliable GPS signal. Yes, I...