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olympus 45mm

  1. johnarooo

    $8500 i2 Kit for $3800 - lots of extras!

    It’s listed on eBay and and Facebook but would much rather sell to someone here, if anyone is looking: DJI Inspire 2 Zenmuse X5S, GPC Hard Case, ProRes, 240GB SSD, 4 Batteries, 45mm Lens, 15mm Lens, Thunderbolt 3SSD Card Reader, 8x Carbon Fiber Folding Props, with Extras! This was lightly...
  2. S

    Sold - Inspire 2, ProRes & DNG 5k, X5s, 45mm, 17mm, TB50's

    $4,400 OBO DJI Inspire 2 with low hours and ProRes and DNG licenses. This is my backup drone and I need to make room for an Alta. Includes 4 sets of TB50's (8 batts), standard DJI quad charger, extra props, OEM controller, DJI X5s gimbal/camera, Olympus 45mm brand new lens and a DJI 17mm. All...
  3. Matt McGowan

    Inspire 1 V2.0 Kit (Oly 45 , 25 + backpack) **$1699**

    Low Hours Inspire 1 Pro. No crashes, hard landings or drops. Solid bird, flown professionally. Zenmuse X5 camera (+box) Olympus 45mm Olympus 25mm DJI 15mm Inspak Backpack (1) GL658C Remote 5 TB 48 batteries (charge cycles on batteries in the pic) 2 TB 47 batteries High Performance 4 battery...
  4. Mirame Volar Sin Alas

    SALE X5S - 7.5 MM 12MM 25MM 50 MM

  5. C

    DJI Inspire 2 - X5s - Laowa 7.5mm vs DJI 15mm f1.7 vs Olympus 45mm f1.8 - LENS COMPARISON

    Hi guys, Ive made the second (usefull) comparison video. In video are tested X5S lenses ➡️ DJI 15mm f1.7 vs ➡️ Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f1.8 and ➡️ and Laowa 7.5mm f2.0 SIDE BY SIDE. What you think about this test? :) Version without color is in description. Thank you very much
  6. A

    Inspire 2 w/X5S, Cendence, Batteries, Lenses

    For sale: Inspire 2 very lightly used with less than 2 hours flight time. All items listed below were purchased new on 11/1/17 or later from authorized dealers and all items are in like-new condition. Asking price is $7,000 USD plus shipping for everything below. I’m located in Sacramento...
  7. B

    **Sold*** - 12mm & 15mm lenses for X5R

    I have two micro 4/3 lenses that I have been using on the DJI Inspire 1 Raw drone (X5R camera). They have all been used a couple of times, like new condition. Set(6) of PolarPro ND Filters as well, will sell with any lense or buy itself. Location: Denver Colorado, USA. Willing to ship...
  8. B

    **** SOLD *****DJI Inspire 1 Raw Complete Set | Multiple Lenses

    Location: Colorado, USA (Shipping within US ONLY) Price: $4,049 (PRICE REDUCED) OBO + Shipping FULL IMAGES IN HIGH RES HERE Are you looking to get into the commercial drone or photography industry? This is a full setup (retail price > $9,000) to get your business rolling immediately at a great...
  9. B

    Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) Entire Package | Lots of Extras

    I am going to be getting rid of my Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) with multiple lenses, batteries, ND filters, hardshell travel case, and much more. This bird has been flown for maybe 10 hours or less and in "like new" shape. Send me a reply or DM if interested (US ONLY FOR SHIPPING PURPOSES), your best...
  10. EamonUrtone

    Elevate Films Showreel

    Hi, We are proud to officially launch Elevate Films today, check out our new aerial showreel. Elevate Films Aerial Showreel All comments are welcome, please let us know what you think? Thanks Eamon Urtone - Co Founder Elevate Films Elevate Films - A fresh perspective on video promotion
  11. druiser

    Sunrise in Newport Beach with Inspire 1 Pro & Olympus lenses

  12. druiser

    2 days with the Olympus 12mm & 45mm

    Here's a short test video after a few days with the X5. I've analyzed the footage to the max and would like another set of eyes to look at it! I have mixed feelings about the results thus far... Some shots look sharp while others look "soft". Overall, the photo's (JPEG and RAW) from the X5 are...