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olympus 9-18mm

  1. R

    Olympus 9mm - 18 mm and Gimbal Hum

    I notice that when I turn on the I2, once the gimbal settles there is a large vibration and hum for about 10 seconds. Coincidentally there is no live picture being sent to the app during that time. Then the sound and vibration stop the the exact moment I get a live picture. Here is a quick...
  2. R

    Balancing the Olympus 9mm- 18mm?

    So I am looking for advice. I bought the rear balancing wieght ring works for tilt balance, but only if I add 2 quarters taped to the back which balances perfectly, but then the tilt is still very off. I have found that 2 additional quarters gaffer taped to the gimbal motors is the perfect...
  3. apsussex

    Anyone tried the olympus 9-18mm lens yet?

    Its a lens I had totally forgotten about!, I used to have one years ago, but moved to the 7-14mm Panasonic. In terms of size and weight I would imagine it would be within balancing specs of the X5 and a few extra mm on the wide really makes all the difference. Be interested in any thoughts on...