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patch antenna

  1. E

    DJI CENDENCE with PATCH antenna for SELL

    Hello pilots, I am selling a DJI CENDENCE controller together with a patch antenna in perfect condition, compatible with Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 series. - standart antenna/patch antenna - 1 battery DJI WB37 - holder for DJI Crystak Sky / tablet (phone) - for Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 series -...
  2. johnarooo

    Cendence Controller Signal Distance / Issues

    Hey All, Writing today with my latest I2 issues - this time it’s about the Cendence Controller. I’ve been rocking the standard controller up until now, and decided to upgrade to the Cendence for an upcoming job that required client monitoring. I thought the SDI was a great feature, and read...
  3. O

    Patch antenna - still not working?

    Hi there, I know that there is a thread in which we got into detail about the sense/nonsense of using the patch antenna that comes with your cendence RC. But this thread got stuck somewhere in the beginning of 2018. That's why I wanted to see if any new development came up in the case of that...