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polar pro

  1. L

    polar pro lens filter set for MFT lens

    Sold the drone last week, now selling the 6-pack of polar pro lenses for the X5r micro-four-thirds lens. Link below up on ebay for $99. I've used only one lens on one flight, so they're essentially new. I'm located in Los Angeles. ND6, ND8, ND8pl, ND16, ND16pl, ND32 and CP filters. used...
  2. D

    Big thumbs up for Polar Pro - custom order

    Hi all, I wanted to provide a review of my experience dealing with Polar Pro on a custom order. What I was after: ND8, ND16 and ND32 filters for Inspire 2 X5S gimbal with Olympus 45mm lens. My experience: This is not something that Polar Pro offer as a "ready made" product so I contacted them...
  3. ferrarod

    Inspire 1 V2 Package!

    Hey everyone - Sorry that my first post is to sell something, but excited to be a part of the community regardless. Looking to sell my Inspire 1 V2 package. Buyer will pay shipping (contiguous 48). Set includes: I1 v2 Drone X3 w/ PolarPro filters X5 w/15mm 3 Batteries ~25-30 cycles 2 Remotes...
  4. Enal

    PolarPro Filter set Inspire I -New in Pack

    I have a New in Pack: DJI INSPIRE 1 / OSMO PROFESSIONAL FILTER 6-PACK, Plus a PolarPro ND64 FILTER for the DJI INSPIRE 1 / OSMO It's never been used and was bought by mistake and was too late to return by the time I noticed. The PolarPro 6 pack retails for $149.99 and the PolarPro N64 is...
  5. YeeaaBoii

    SOLD Lightly Used: Polar Pro Filters 6 Pack for Inspire 1

    SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. I have a used set of Inspire 1 Polar Pro filters for sale. It is the 6 pack listed on their site. Here is a link to exactly what I have. DJI Inspire 1/ OSMO Professional Filter 6-Pack They have always been carefully handled and never involved in any crashes. They have never...
  6. YeeaaBoii

    Brand New, Unopened PolarPro ND Filter 6 Pack - $140

    Sold! Hey guys, I've got a brand new PolarPro 6 Pack ND Filter set for the Inspire 1 for sale. I bought them a while back and never opened them. I continued using the stock ND the Inspire came with and decided I could use the money to put towards the Osmo handle instead. It's been a few months...