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    A spark when I connect drone s1000 to battery

    Hi guys, yesterday I was trying to power on s1000 unfortunately burning smell and spark came out when connecting red connector to battery. I’m not entirely sure but I think before this event there was a ‘cover’ on top of the red connector but now I have a hole. I can’t power on drone, looks...
  2. A

    The ULTIMATE Inspire 2 battery charger

    Like many of you, I have struggled with charging Inspire 2 batteries in the field. With TWO batteries required for ONE flight, and the slow charge times from the OEM wall adapter + DJI charge hub it seemed the only option was to buy more batteries at $160 USD each ($320 USD per flight pack)...
  3. M

    Full battery (T47) but wont power up Inspire [video]

    I got an Inspire from a friend and they bricked both batteries when updating the frimware. I was able to reset them and get them to charge. The T48 powers it up and works fine but the T47 will power it up for a second, beep, and then turn itself back off. The T47 will stay on when not...
  4. O

    Inspire to pull a line

    Hello all, Has anyone used the Inspire to pull a line? I've seen some pictures but never anything more than that. The stork setup looks like it would work just fine, so that's what I was leaning towards. I would be looking for a platform that could carry a rope 500+ feet across divides like...
  5. W

    Can battery charger be used in any country?

    I apologize if this has been covered in another thread. I couldn't find one by searching. I live in the US, and will be taking my Inspire to Ireland this summer. Can anyone who has taken his/her Inspire somewhere with different mains power tell me if I can use my battery charger as long as I use...
  6. A

    Intelligent Battery Power System Design

    Originally Posted Here DJI Forum|Intelligent Battery Power System Design In a previous post, I discussed how our intelligent batteries work and how they differ from traditional batteries. Dynamic power management is one key traits of intelligent batteries that makes them suitable for use with...
  7. V

    Inspire 1 battery charging profiles

    Hello folks, I'm building an automated charger that will charge up to 8 (inspire batteries and/or remotes). It is based on an arduino that controls relays and monitors the voltage, current and power taken by the battery been charged. Note this is a sequential charger and uses the standard 100W...
  8. F

    Where to connect an UBEC easily on Inspire 1

    As I would like to connect two external devices with a voltage of 5V to the Inspire 1, mounting an additional UBEC seems the right solution to me. Now the question is where is the best and easiest place on the Inspire 1 to connect the UBEC to? Do you have suggestions how and where to wire an...