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  1. H

    WTB SPC Prop Guards for Inspire 1 (UK)

    Hi, Before I commit to excessive shipping charges is anyone selling a set of the Smart Power Charge prop guards for the Inspire 1. If you have please get in touch. Paypal ready. Thanks
  2. ShyFly

    Foldable Carbon Fiber Props for Inspire 1

    Im considering getting these.. I've only seen 1 type available Its pretty pricey but I like the idea of a secure connection and not having to remove them constantly. Im curious if anyone here has tried them and what are your experiences with them.. handling, flight-time etc.
  3. B

    Shredded one of the prop mounts...

    I have an Inspire 1 v2 and I shredded one of the prop mounts and need a replacement part. Not sure where I can get one...
  4. P

    Help! Propeller stuck on!

    Can anyone assist? After my last flight I was unable to remove one of the props (QR) I don't want to force it in case I damage the motor. Can anyone assist?
  5. Mr Phantom

    Which type of props do you used when your prop flew off ?

    I have been curious what kind off props people used when their props flew off from their Inspire 1. So i created this poll to try to get an answer to that. I hope a poll like this hasn't been created earlier, at least i didn't find one when i searched the forum.