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prores 422 hq 5280x2160

  1. ElectricLife

    Elements | A B&W drone aerial cinematic mountain video filmed in 5K

    Filmed in Switzerland and Tyrol (Italy), featuring 4 different mountain passes.
  2. S

    Recording on SSD forces Log profile onto Micro SD

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and couldn't find anything related to this issue. When I turn SSD on to record in Pro Res I'm finding that my 4K backup on the Micro SD card automatically forces the recording style to LOG. I like to record in D-Cinelike on the Micro SD with custom settings and can't find a...
  3. CP Anson

    Exploring X5S, Oly 12mm, DLog, ProRes 5280x2160 422HQ

    Like many of you I am learning and exploring the X5S with DLog. I shot this using an Olympus 12mm f2 lens, shot it in DLog, ProRes 422HQ @ 5280x2160. I used Davinci Resolve 14 Beta 3. For uploading to YouTube I set it to 422LT in 5280x2160. The camera settings: - style settings were: -3,-3,-3 -...