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prores raw

  1. ElectricLife

    Photography in motion

  2. ElectricLife

    Elements | A B&W drone aerial cinematic mountain video filmed in 5K

    Filmed in Switzerland and Tyrol (Italy), featuring 4 different mountain passes.
  3. ElectricLife

    Olimpus: Cinematic Aerial Drone Mountain Footage filmed in 6K

  4. ElectricLife

    Flying around The Stelvio Pass - The Stilfser Joch by drone - 5K UHD

    Just shot some 6K ProRes Raw footage with the Inspire2 (.200) in ProRes RAW. Flawless flights (Only the usual IMU and landing gear msg...). Batteries are also running on the latest FW and no problem at all. ...Always impressed by the drone's capability of shooting impressive footage. I love this...
  5. ElectricLife

    8 Seconds Clip. Rendering or reality? Zenmuse X7 ProRes Raw

    Micro Clip. It almost looks like a 3D rendering. Filmed with the Zenmuse X7, Apple ProRes RAW 24mm. We worked on it for less than 5 minutes, beside all that can be improved, it is mesmerizing what the Zenmuse X7 can achieve. Needless to say, YT will downscale and ruin part of it, but it is still...