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  1. K

    Patchantenna 4 Hawks Raptor SR for Inspire 2

    Hi Fellows, I am very happy with the new 4 Hawks Raptor SR. Range increased distinctivly. I have allways been suffering from bad video transmission, breaking off. contact to the aircraft. etc Since I live in the EU radio transmission signal very is low by default. With the Hawks everything...
  2. marsmock

    Controller Range Extension Installs

    Hello. I don't see anything in search on this. Has anyone actually used these guys before? Anyone have any thoughts on the install of this? ITE-DBS02 Phantom 3 Pro / Advanced /Inspire 1 / Matrice / (solo with some modification) | DBS Mods I have two controllers (master/slave) and at $210...
  3. Mounting Bracket for WiFi Amplifiers

    Mounting Bracket for WiFi Amplifiers

    The aluminum bracket is taped to the other side of the battery using 3M super-strong tape.
  4. LuRoyale

    8 MILE RUN | Inspire 1 (4 Miles each way)

    It's incredible how far our technology has come. Not too long ago we were pushing the original Phantom's to their limit by using every imaginable combination of batteries, antennas, Tx/Rx just to get out a mile. Now using the same technology we are able to cover insane distances by wringing out...