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rc signal

  1. N

    Replacement RC Main Circuit Board needed (Model GL658B)

    I need a replacement main circuit board for a GL658B remote controller, absolutely no damage whatsoever, I would want to see good clear photos of all the connections, especially into the RF sockets. UK source preferred.
  2. N

    Added kit for Inspire 1

    One of my aircraft is an Inspire 1 Pro, I would like to know if I can add a bit of new kit that I could control from the ground using the DJI controller... any ideas?
  3. R

    RF Interference with Logging Trucks

    I have had an issue with RF interference in the field. Operating the Inspire 1 on logging sites with logging trucks passing by every once in a while. On one occasion when the UAV was in flight about 50m in the air a logging truck passed between myself and the UAV. A very loud pulse could be...
  4. J

    Weak RC signal issues

    My Inspire 1 arrived back late Wednesday from the LA repair facility after a LONG visit. That being water over the dam, I’ll get into my latest issue. The DJI repair facility elected to replace my original Inspire that I flew since February. I anticipated some tasks that would be necessary to...