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    Inspire 2 FPV camera broken - DJI RMA assistance NIGHTMARE

    Hello everybody, I've been owning an Inspire 2 for some time now (almost from the launch), and recently I experienced a strange behaviour with the FPV camera. I need to premise that I already returned the X5S for a vibration on the yaw axis, a TB50 battery for unbalance at 1 month and 11 charges...
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    Insurance for Inspire 2 after DJI Care refresh expires

    I have an I2 with x5s. I have about 4 weeks left on my DJI Care and then it expires. I can't imagine flying my I2 without coverage for accidents, etc. That seems crazy to me. What is the best solution for insurance to cover damage, flyaways, etc. after DJI Care expires? Thanks so much! Mark