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  1. I

    FAA Drone Registration is Back.... Again

    FAA Drone Registration is back...with immediate effect, if living or visiting the US make sure you register ridiculous sign penalties if you don't .
  2. Dr. Ifly Drones

    New FAA UAV Regulations (Let the screaming begin!)

    News out today that actual airframes must be registered in the USA regardless of hobby or commercial intent: Getting a Drone for the Holidays? You'll Have to Register It With the FAA I've read what I can find but, it doesn't seem to discriminate between those airframes already in service or...
  3. C

    FAA Registration Help

    Hi everyone, I need to fill out certain information for my FAA registration with a notarized statement. I'm having some difficulty finding solid answers for my generic DJI Inspire t600 & am hoping someone can help. Full Legal name of sUA manufacturer or builder: DJI sUA model...