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  1. Sproesser

    Help needed: Flying in cities, advice for flying without getting in trouble

    I want to fly my Inspire 2 in big cities, but I am worried about getting in trouble. 1- Where do I take off with a noisy large Inspire 2? Parks? Parking lots? Where to not take off and land? 2- Do people tolerate such a large drone over their heads? How low or close is too close? 3- Flying over...
  2. E

    San Diego Presentation - Ask the UAS Drone Experts Live

    Ask the UAS / UAV and Drone Experts Live Date and Time:. Wednesday, December 20, 2017, starting at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: This is your chance to Ask the Experts in Panel Discussion Recreation / Hobby, Commercial, & Public...
  3. William Gaddy

    USA Oh God No... White House to Test Federal-Local Sharing of Drone Regulation

    Administration plans to establish test sites for promoting commercial-drone use by dividing oversight What could POSSIBLY go wrong, here (paywall): https://www.wsj.com/articles/white-house-to-test-federal-local-sharing-of-drone-regulat
  4. SkipTV

    FIGHT the Drone Federalism Bill and save your business

    DUGN Call To Action: Fight Drone Legislation, help beat the Drone Federalism Act - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  5. SkipTV

    Death to us all: DRONE FEDERALISM ACT

    This bill by Diane Feinstein Senator of California. Takes any authority the FAA has over Drones and puts it in the hands of local towns/cities/states. This means that your local politician who is not much better than some condominium board rep, someone without a clue about drones will be setting...
  6. A

    USA Part 107 Night Waiver Question

    I hope this is in the right spot, apologies if not. I feel like in my waiver request I was pretty clear on the performance based standards regarding this but the FAA has requested more information pertaining to 107.29 The following is cut and pasted from the email I received: "For a waiver...
  7. J

    Drone study

    Hi Everyone, I am drone pilot for more than 3 years, therefore I decided to run my Thesis on Drones, Drones are the future of humanity, for patrolling, shipping, lives savings, inspection, transportation and other applications, As part of my Thesis I decided to run a study regarding pilots...
  8. S

    Drone regulations Costa Rica

    After receiving several questions about Drone regulation in Costa Rica, I decided to contact officials to clarify what is actual situation with drones. All questions were referring to following press release from CostaRicaNews.com New Specs for Those Wishing to Fly Drones in Costa Rica After...
  9. A

    UK Definition of Surveillance

    Hi all, Having been issued a PFAW, with all the mandated stand-offs, etc. and then reading the exemptions for FPV, as well as guidance for flying in congested cities and towns; I'm feeling that the rules and regs. are pretty subjective. In particular, I've been questioning what the term...
  10. Cole Slaw

    Help understanding current status of my exemption

    Hey forum peeps! So I submitted my exemption request for section 333 on 8/24/2015. I just searched today and it looks like the request has been posted but is still pending. However I am not 100% sure on that. After its posted like it is below, I still have to wait for them to make a...