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  1. J

    Crashed our Inspire X5R

    Hi gang, I thought it might be helpful to post this. We were flying Oregon dunes filming a model on motorcycle. My pilot had the cycle turn abruptly and in staying away from the rider we ditched it into the dunes. We were clipping along pretty good when it hit some pretty hard sand. When we...
  2. Rustysilverwings

    Broken white front tube on Inspire foot - trouble!

    I should have been more cautious, but trust and need overwhelmed my judgement. A hard landing broke one of the white tubes on the front landing feet. I asked about it and several folks said there was nothing inside such as an antenna, and it could be removed and replaced with something similar...
  3. U

    Spares and Repairs Pricing Comparisons £ € $

    Without upsetting too many retailers out there I wanted to gather in one thread a place to share quotes people have received for parts, spares and repairs from across the Globe. There does seem from a basic hunt to be a massive difference from country to country and continent to continent...