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  1. Sproesser

    Help needed: Flying in cities, advice for flying without getting in trouble

    I want to fly my Inspire 2 in big cities, but I am worried about getting in trouble. 1- Where do I take off with a noisy large Inspire 2? Parks? Parking lots? Where to not take off and land? 2- Do people tolerate such a large drone over their heads? How low or close is too close? 3- Flying over...
  2. JROK

    DAC is Operating Behind Closed Doors

    This isn't cool. Please write your Congress Person. No more Private Public Rule-making - Why Should Congress Wait for Drone Advisory Committee Secrets? - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  3. U

    EASA about to fu** things up... WARNING!!

    People please view and respond accordingly before we all get royally fu&*ed!! :mad::mad::mad::(
  4. I

    Guess they are certified then???

    Safe then! Post on Facebook today Good to know CAA don't have to look far, but will they
  5. E

    Drone pilot 'breaks every rule in the book'

    Drone pilot 'breaks every rule in the book' by filming above London
  6. Tim

    UK Where can I fly?

    Hi all, I've been asked to provide a management summary of UK UAV law. I've tried to keep it simple (idiot/manager proof) but if any of you kind soles would take 2 minutes to read and comment, I'd be very grateful. I'm really not keen to give duff information. Can I fly my drone? This...
  7. World Media

    Bonfire Night UK Filming

    Anybody filming or thinking of filming bonfire night and fireworks over the Guy Fawkes Night? No doubt there will be a lot of hobbyists thinking it sounds like a good idea to throw up their birthday drone. Thought it might be an idea to start a brief discussion on the risks, permissions...