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    A spark when I connect drone s1000 to battery

    Hi guys, yesterday I was trying to power on s1000 unfortunately burning smell and spark came out when connecting red connector to battery. I’m not entirely sure but I think before this event there was a ‘cover’ on top of the red connector but now I have a hole. I can’t power on drone, looks...
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    How to control payload system through FUTABA RC; S1000 + 2 RC FUTABA T10J + 2 R3008SB

    Hi guys, I have DJI S1000 with two T10J Futaba transmitters and two Futaba R3008SB receivers, I would like to add payload drop system, something like that: Professional Payload Drop Release servo Fishing Drone Plane DJI Phantom MAVIC | eBay I’m new in RC world and I don’t know much about it...