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  1. C

    Gear Blowout! RTF Kits: I2X5S, I1X5, I1v.2X5, S900Z15GH4, S800Z15NEx7, Freefly Octo/MoviM10/Paralinx

    RTF Kits: I2 X5S, I1 X5, I1v.2X5, S900 Z15 GH4, S800 Z15 NEx7, Freefly Octo/MoviM10/Paralinx Trying to sell each as a RTF set up, AM NOT taking offers on individual parts yet. Looking for an easy way to start a professional aerial film/photo business? I'm also considering offers for my...
  2. P

    Flight logs - S900 A2 / Lightbridge / IOSD mk2

    Since i cant find a dedicated forum for spreading wings drones I decided to ask you guys. Maybe some of you have had years of experience with them. This might have been asked before but my searches rendered no useful results. What I am wondering, since I am fairly new at flying S900 that is...
  3. Stacy Cobb

    eBaying S900 System

    Hey guys I'm parting out an S900 System on eBay. Here is a link to all of the auctions for those interested. It's cheap but it did have a water landing. It will need a little work but I fully expect it to be flying with a little effort by the purchaser. Check it out: thefoundrystudios | eBay
  4. S

    Fully Loaded S900/GH4 Kit For Sale - UK Only

    Selling my S900 kit for £5995 or nearest offer - Cost over £8000 new... • DJI SPREADWINGS S900 - WKM - ZENMUSE Z15 (fitted with Boscam Thunderbolt 2000mw x2) • DJI GROUNDSTATION • IOSD 2 • FUTABA 14SG • FUTABA T8J • 1600Mah 6S Batteries (X3) • 10" Monitor (X2) • CELLPRO 6, 1200W DC Battery...