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  1. M

    Move from Samsung to iPhone 8

    It seems the app works more smoothly on iPhone 8. My previous phone was Samsung Galaxy S7. Any one did the same as me? If yes, would you please tell me how to transfer my text messages on S7 to iPhone 8? Thanks in advance
  2. We Talk UAV

    DJI Smart TV App-You knew It was Coming.

    Samsung and Apple TV, you have a new friend. DJI Technologies announced on Monday the development of a new Smart TV app. This is going to be one way to share new work as well as see videos on high definition. "We've made flying and capturing aerial footage easy with our drones, and now with...
  3. R

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A vs iPad

    I'm looking at buying a Samsung Tab A to be used by the camera op and slave controller. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with these devices? I fly the Inspire 2 with an iPad mini so there would be a cross of apple and android devices being used at the same time if that could also be...
  4. J

    Inspire 1and Samsung tab s2 issue

    please help before I throw this tab off cliff. Latest app update is 2.8.3 I keep losing contact with remote and tab. After I update tab and use my DJI go app I can set home location and start flying but about 30 sec I lose contact with tab and the red bar says "no contact" I can land the bird ok...
  5. A

    Best ANDROID tablet Inspire Pro X5 Dual operator

    Hi, I'm new to this site. I'm sure it's been asked before but with new tablets coming out frequently I'm looking for advice on which tabelts work well with the Inspire App. This is the one I'm considering. Any reason this is not a good choice? Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 16GB (Wi-Fi), Smoky...
  6. D

    Inspire Monitor/Tablet options

    Hi All! Firstly, Thank youin advance because im sure this has been asked before but i've been searching for hours to no avail. I just bought an inspire and im a little stuck where to go from here in regards to the FPV. For the most part, It will be just me flying/filming I have a Samsung...
  7. C

    Samsung Note 4 Android v5.0.1 won't connect to v01.02.01.06 RC

    My Galaxy Tab 4 connects fine to both controllers, but it's running on Android version 4.4.2. I've verified the AC and RCs are all running on firmware version I've reinstalled the DJI Go app on the phone several times and tried various startup procedures to get it to connect to...