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san diego

  1. C

    New drone owner in San Diego

    Hello, I just purchsed a mini 2 and was wondering if anyone can fly drones in Morley Field. I tried to request an authorization but it mentions that the max altitude allowed is... 0 ft. Thank you for your input.
  2. AerialMediaPros

    Drone Retail/Technician Positions available in Orange County

    AerialMediaPros.com is searching for individuals who have real world experience with DJI products and a passion for the UAV industry. AerialMediaPros.com is one of the largest independent dealers in North America, and we are expanding our Southern California operations to provide a better in...
  3. R

    Mino Pro Media in San Diego, CA

    Hi everyone, Rich here from Mino Pro Media. We run a production company in San Diego and have been flying DJI's Phantoms for some time and most recently the DJI Inspire. Looking forward to great discussions on this site's forums.
  4. GizaDog

    Big Surf in San Diego - Jan 2016

  5. GizaDog

    Blacktail Mule Deer in San Diego - Captured with X5